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Want to take your presentation from good to great?

We’re offering a free, no obligation professional presentation review. We’ll give our assessment on the key aspects of your deck:

  • Narrative – is it coherent, focused, compelling?
  • Design – is it engaging, relevant?
  • Messaging – are there a clear set of messages / calls-to-action?
  • Length – have you thrown in the kitchen sink. Does your Big Idea have room to breathe?

A second opinion, especially from someone outside your organisation, is invaluable.

For your free presentation health check, just spend a couple of minutes filling in the questionnaire below.


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Once we’ve received your files, we’ll carry out a 10-point review, and make some suggestions where we think there is room for improvement


Relax - It's going to be great

You can then go back to your draft and review our suggestions. If you want to talk to us about using our services, get on the phone, email us or drop by the offices – and we’ll discuss how to create some presentation magic.

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