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Steve Simmonds
Founder & value propositioner
steve simmonds - the big pitcher
It was a presentation by a senior director of one of the largest food companies in the UK that made me do it.

So deathly was his PowerPoint, it was then and there I decided to set up the Big Pitcher.

Simplicity, engaging narrative, some nice visuals and good people with a purpose is all it takes.

Tamsin is a published novelist, ministerial speechwriter, all-round wordsmith and lover of the bizarre.
Everything and everyone has a story in them - it's just a matter of teasing it out.

Listening is how we start...

How's your presentation?

If you’re putting together a presentation that’s going to help move your business forward, another pair of eyes, ears… or just a second opinion is invaluable

The Echo Chamber

Working within the echo chamber of your business, it’s easy to lose perspective and forget to see things the way your customers see it.

Open up

We will help you deconstruct your core proposition. Uncover the true value of your products or services. Then reassemble the parts


And build a presentation or a series of presentations, that resonate with your different audiences at different times…